Marcha Para Jesus 2018
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March for Jesus fills the streets of the Capital of São Paulo

The movements started inside the stations of the Metro and CPTM around 6:30 AM. Families, children and groups of friends came to the event praising the Lord  and making a big stir in the wagons.
The walk began at the Luz Metro Station at 10 o'clock, after the opening prayer of the Apostle Estevam Hernandes. Everyone, on their knees, consecrated the walk.
“ We are going to march and prophesy  the God’s word! We are all connected  so the whole world will know that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and King of Kings! We cry out for Brazil, for the families, for afflicted hearts and declare that our country belongs to Jesus Christ! Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord! To Him all honor, glory, power and majesty. For the Lord, we are going to march, Brazil!” He said.
The crowd led by the sound of praises, was led by eight Electric Trio ” towards the Praça Herós da FEB ( Square of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force), in a route of approximately four kilometers.
All the participants took their prayer requests on their shoes. “ Prayer is a powerful instrument. We can see it manifesting  in the people with cure and deliverance, "said the leader of the Renascer in Christ Church.”
Experiences and Testimonies 
The March for Jesus is marked with miracles and stories of overcoming, presbyter Rafael, 35 years, told us: “My wife couldn’t got pregnant. It was seven years marching for this miracle. This is the second year that we are marching with our little daughter. We came to thank and celebrate.”
Luciana Godoy, 41 years old, also has lots of experiences to share. “The March is something supernatural. One of my requests was the conversion of my family, and God realize this miracle. "she said.
Thousands of caravans on the March of Oneness!
More than six  thousand caravans from several Brazilian states, including Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Piauí, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Amazonas, Rondônia, Goiás, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, were present at the event.
The March for Jesus also added the main evangelical ministries of the country, such as: Igreja Apostólica Renascer em Cristo, Evangelho Quadrangular, Mundial do Poder de Deus, Igreja Bíblia da Paz, Sara Nossa Terra, Igreja Fonte de Vida, Assembleias de Deus (with many ministries), Igreja Plenitude do Trono de Deus, Igreja Bola de Neve, Ministério Voz da Verdade, Metodistas (do Brasil, independents, Wesleyanas and others), Presbiterianas (from different currents), Universal do Reino de Deus, Comunhão Plena, Deus É Amor, O Brasil para Cristo and Aliança da Paz. 
Also came Christian representatives from Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, Paraguay, Israel, the United States, India, New Zealand and dozens of countries in Africa.
“What do you do here, in Brazil, is the biggest March for Jesus in the world. We will see this on other continents. Brazil has motivated us.” Said Pastor Carlos Quiroa, from Mexico. 
More than ever, Brazil needs this cry out and this unit! Added Pastor and Federal Deputy Carlos Cezar,from Quadrangular Church.
“I participate of all editions. It is awesome. Only who participates can understand it! It is a true heavenly party on earth. It is the biggest Christian Manifestation in the world!” Said Pastor Jabes de Alencar, from Assembleia de Deus do Bom Retiro Church.  
“We march for family, for our nation...we march for a healing movement, salvation and freedom of our brazilian nation. 
‘We march for our family, for our nation… we march for a healing movement, salvation, and release of the brazilian nation, that has faced through one of the largest crises of your history. The solution for all this questions is in Jesus Christ.” emphasized Senador Magno Malta. 
“March  Kids”
The children opened the event with a big party. The creativity and the joy were present with the children. Parents made a point of customizing the children’s T-shirt.  The electric trio separated specially for this public came out ahead of the official March.
For safety questions, during all the path, a team specialized did a cord of isolation in round of the participants.
They were all accompanied by an adult responsible. According the organization of the event there were none disappearance or occurrence. 
the organization of the "march kids" also released little trains for the comfort of the kids. And, more once, "the block of the baby’s carriage" was one of the highlights of the event.  
Social Inclusion
The March for Jesus is divided in dozens of coordinators, one of this, is the PNE, that is responsible to take care of people with special needs. 
Wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility or with visual impairment could follow the shows, in a reserved area, next to the stage. They also could count with the support of the service Atende SPtrans, that transported from the Tiete Subway  to  the concentration of the event.
The deaf were accompanied during the whole event - from the first walk to the last  presentation - by interpreter of pounds. 
Party, joy, praise and worship 
The walk was marked by praises, prophetic acts and prayers. The main trio was led by the Apostle Estevam Hernandes. "It is to the Lord that we march. We believe in the transforming power of the gospel. Today will be a day of Joshua. The March is an instrument of God for the spread of the gospel, "he said.
"The March for Jesus is the Family March, it is the March of Miracles, it is the March of Joy! It is the party of the people of God. We have to celebrate that we have the freedom to publicly manifest our faith! It is something we pass on to all generations. I go every year with my grandparents, with my parents, with my husband and with my children! "Added Bishop Fernanda Hernandes Rasmussen, who during the trip interviewed Christian and political representatives who attended the event.
Bishop Sonia Hernandes, who during the path of the journey led the participants to worship with Renascer Praise, was moved by the 25-year history of the March for Jesus: "We are here to show that the way, the truth and the life is Jesus! Being here, for all these years, is indescribable! It is to know that what the Lord has to accomplish in this nation neither eyes saw, nor ears heard and did not ascend to our heart! It's all for Him and for Him! "
Federal Deputy Marcelo Aguiar, who was responsible for organizing the event, recalled the miracles he had experienced in other editions: "Today, it was a watershed for São Paulo and for Brazil. People separated this day to magnify the name of Christ. We came to celebrate His name. I am the fruit of the March. My wife marched for my conversion. Today, we march together as a family. There are many testimonies from the participants. I remember we prophesied in front of Carandiru. We called for that place to become a healthy environment for the young. Today, in place of the Penitentiary Complex, we have the Parque da Juventude (Youth Park)! ".
Coverage and transmission
The March for Jesus was transmitted in real time through the broadcasters: Rede Gospel de Televisão and Rádio Gospel FM.
The international communication networks TBN - with coverage for 170 nations - and Enlace - with coverage for 20 countries in Latin America and the United States - made complete coverage of the event.
On the official website of the March for Jesus, on the iGospel portal and on YouTube, web users from around the world were also able to follow the demonstration.
Redação iGospel
Fotos: Alessandra Braga, Bruno Desontini, Leonardo Junior, Karin Marcitello, Pedro Flausino, Fellipe Pupo, Sarah Brito, Kelly Ferreira, Abdiel Silva e Moah Buffalo.
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Publicado em 15/06/2017
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