Marcha Para Jesus 2018
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+QV (More than victorius) Women at the March for Jesus’ forefront

March for Jesus’s 25th edition, happened this Thrusday (15), gathered milions of people on the streets of the biggest city in Brasil.The peoplo marched from “Luz” metro station  to “Heróis da FEB” square, São Paulo’s North zone.
The four-kilometer journey was marked by praises and the cry out of a people that believes in the transforming power of the gospel. People were led by eight electric trios. The event also had more than 6,000 trains participating from different regions of Brazil and Christian leaders from other countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, South Africa and Angola.
 At March’s concentration, a mega structure of sound and light was set for more than ten hours of performances with the biggest names of the national gospel music.
For everything to happen perfectly, many meetings were made in the months before  the March. Hundreds of professionals and thousands of volunteers were involved in the organization of the event. Women stood out and took the lead in key stages for the March.
Under the direction and spiritual coverage of  bishops Fernanda and Sonia Hernandes - that , during the journey, gave messages of faith and conducted the praises in the main electric trio and in the event’s concentration - they were responsible for several March’s coordinations. Follow, down below, the experiences reported during the event.
Pastor Alice Maria de Souza (responsible for the medical department of the March for Jesus): For over 19 years, I am responsible for this area so fundamental to the March for Jesus. Our team is made up of 30 volunteers, all of them servants of God and involved in the health area.
In addition to seeking professional training to serve everyone with excellence, we care a lot about the spiritual part. As soon as the date of the March for Jesus is announced, we have already begun a campaign of fasting and prayer. It's not just a department, it's a ministry! It is a privilege to put our profession at the service of the Lord.
Thank God, over the years we have had few occurrences! But we are 100% prepared for any eventuality. First aid posts are located in points. On the path, there are several lifeguards spread out in the crowd. It is an event organized and made with much love!
Pastor Michelle Barros (Coverage and transmission’s coordinator of the March through the Internet): Has been eight years working in the March. I started as a press advisor. I was attending to the journalists covering the event.
Then I started to work in the web content coordination. Three years ago, I’m at the forefront of this so fundamental area to spread the March for Jesus. It’s a privilege to attend this great event. To take the name of Jesus to the whole world isn’t just a job, it’s a mission, a beautiful mission.
Throughout these years, I have met special people, I have seen the manifestation of miracles ... Each year, we form a special team, with incredible people, willing and able! I’m happy and grateful to be here!
Pastora Paula Villar ("Kids March" coordinator) In all editions, the children open the event. We have an electric trio playing children's gospel songs, the little trains and the strollers. It’s very beautiful to see how the March for Jesus marks several generations with strong experiences.
I’m marked in every edition. For many years I’ve gone for the purpose of conceiving. This year, I'm going to march with my miracle in my arms! My daughter goes with me... It's a indescribable joy!
Priestess Karin Marcitello (responsible for the photo department): The March for Jesus means something great from God to be accomplished here on earth. I feel that, on His throne, He rejoices to see the church united with one purpose: to glorify the Lord’s name!
As a woman and leader of the photography team, I feel privileged to attend this event! We seek to convey, through our photos, all the experiences people have during the event, from the opening prayer to the last presentation! We want to glorify the Lord with our gift and our work.
Pastor Fátima (Dressing room’s coordinator): I have been going to Jesus for 24 years, that is, since the second edition of the event. For many years, I have coordinating this area. Our goal is to take care of all the necessary structure to receive the leaders of the churches, the artists and the professionals involved.
Pastor Edilma Pivetta (bakstage coordinator): I love being part of all this great March for Jesus’ structure.   Months before the event, we made many meetings, so everything is organized. Our coordination is responsible for the structures that surround the March’s backstage. We serve more than 34 departments. There are many challenges, but we always work under the guidance of God! It’s a privilege to be a part of this event for so many years.  
Pastor Cláudia Pires (Communication for the press’ Coordinator): We are responsible for all the March’s disclosure and communication with the national and international vehicles that cover the event. We have, an average of 150 journalists per edition of the event. They are professionals of TV, radio, newspapers and internet that cover and spread the March for Brazil and abroad. This work is fundamental because through it we publicize the event everywhere and attract the public for this year and for the next editions. 
Pastor Carol Bassi (Dance ministries’ coordinator): My husband, Bishop John Bassi, and I have coordinated this area for years. Our goal is to make the dance ministry have an effective action to propagate the March in an artistic way, to take the gospel through the gift that the Lord has given us.
We also worked on publicizing the event, through evangelistic actions and the realization of a mega flash mob. This year, we held 25 presentations in various regions of the country and in the United States.
During the March, we are responsible for the dance groups that shake every electric trio! We also opened the event with a special choreography. In the March's concentration, we also performed with the invited artists
Miriam Simoes (interpreter team coordinator): We have a team of interpreters that, in the March, give assistance to the Christian leaders that came from other countries - from their arrival in Brazil to the return to the airport. During the stay, they attend cults, TV programs, radio ... We accompany them and support them in everything!   It’s a wonderful experience because they are impressed by the revival that has happened in our country.   Pastor Sueli Sandra Guilherme (responsible for the coordination of the main electric trio of the March): I have participated since the first March, and for about 12 years, I’m part of the coordinator of the Apostle Estevam’s trio.  
On March’s day, we arrived at 6 o'clock in the morning, with great joy and with a very grateful heart for the privilege of being part of this great historical moment. The preparation, however, started the day before: we anointed and consecrated to the Lord the whole event, from the drivers, the equipment, the route, the people who will work throughout the event, the public, and especially asking God the cover for our leaders, the people who will minister at the altar.
We take care of all the details so that our leaders can be supplied during the course, in the smallest details. In addition, we offer the guests all support, if necessary.  
The March for Jesus is a legacy of blessing that we will leave on this earth for future generations. And I have the privilege of doing the work of God with 66 years old with great joy and disposition in the heart!
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Fotos: Alessandra Braga, Bruno Desontini, Leonardo Junior, Karin Marcitello, Pedro Flausino, Fellipe Pupo, Sarah Brito, Kelly Ferreira, Abdiel Silva e Moah Buffalo
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Publicado em 15/06/2017
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